Photography is my passion, my motivation and my happiness.
For the past 15 years, I have carried some type of camera around to document my world. Regardless, of the make, model and even quality...I LOVED that with just one click, I could take a special moment and have that memory last forever.

As time passed, my favorite pastime was to take pictures of my family and their children as they grew. I didn't have babies of my own and this was the next best thing. Then, I finally became a mom and I got my hands on my first professional camera! My mission was to remember each second, each step, each look...My little ones became my life and I didn't want to miss a beat.

The more pictures I took of my children, the more I realized how happy it would make me to do it for others. After years as a Marketing & Event professional, I have changed gears to start a new adventure as a Photographer in Orlando.

Now, I love to capture sweet memories among families, smiles and pouts of the little ones, the beauty of motherhood, the precious details of newborn beauty, and the love between couples that have been together for years and those that have recently promised their life to one another.

My passion has become my work and I honestly couldn't ask for more.

My biggest reward is to see the smiles and comments that come from my clients after each session. After all, I truly wouldn't be here without them!

Charishma Chulani